Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fort Worth Public Library

So I am big library fan. It is not unusual for me to go online and reserve 5-8 things at a time to pick up a few days later. It is usually a mix of audio books, books, and DVD's.

Recently I had spotted a lot of blog traffic about the book "Unclutter Your Life In One Week" by Erin Dolan. I really wasn't interested enough to buy the book, but I did want to read it so off to the library website I went. Unfortunately they didn't have it. Well I figured since it was #1 on a lot of Amazon.com lists I couldn't be the only one interested. I knew you could suggest books for the library to buy so I filled out that simple form and 2 days later I get an email saying they had ordered 10 copies. Sweet!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bandera Almost Here!

Well Bandera is six days from today and the weather is looking frigid. Low temps are predicted to be in the teens when I am in the middle of my second loop so this should be interesting. I am scrambling to find some good winter clothing since my usual method to deal with the cold is to just not run.

I am also feeling more fatigued and sore after my runs lately so that is definitely not a good sign. I am just going to take it easy this week and grunt my way through this race. I am sure it will be a blog worthy experience.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I have been totally neglecting my workout duties the past 5 months and find myself in less than ideal shape. My solution, signing up for an ultramarathon that is 31 miles longer than I have ever run before. My time to train, 3 weeks.

This is not going to be pretty.